Willkommen to our little Germany in the middle of Stockholm

Here you will find quality German beer, wiener schnitzel and homemade sausages served in a classic German beer hall environment. We can proudly say that we are Sweden's oldest bierhaus dating back to the 40s on Tegnérgatan. When you walk through our doors, it should feel like you're stepping into a real Bierhaus in Germany from the past.

If you like Oktoberfest, this is the place to be!

Opening hours

Måndag - Tisdag 15:00 - 23.00

Onsdag - Lördag 15:00 - 01.00

Bier, Beer or Bira

Here you can try various German beers on tap such as Berliner Kindl, Bitburger, Jever, Gaffel, Kölsch, Schöfferhofer, Spaten und Weissbier. We bring in beer on guest taps, but also have Swedish craft beer in bottles.

Essen (food)

Oh Gott ich bin so hungrig’

Here you will find German specialties from various German regions. You can of course get a classic Schnitzel, but also various German sausages such as Wurst and of course saurkraut.

(There are, believe it or not, even vegetarian options).

Stag party or birthday party

Celebrate your stag or birthday with German beer and food culture. Book our large table with the food and drink package. If you want to have extra fun, you of course buy our lederhosen.

“Prost und drink aus!”

200,000 Germans cannot be wrong.

(Just, don't mention the War)

Willkommen on a German evening at Tegnérgatan 10

Oktobeer party

Oktobeer party or ‘Oktoberfest’ is a traditional German beer festival in Bavaria, Munich that was first organized in 1810. It is held in September and October every year and is considered the world's largest folk festival.

Come to us and experience a schnitzel of the feeling in Stockholm.